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Nance Pettit:
Licensed and Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist



Nance began her healing career as a psychotherapist after receiving a Masters in Psychology from Vanderbilt University. Quickly she became frustrated with the limitations of talk therapy. To broaden her skill set, she studied Hakomi Therapy, a body-centered psychotherapy approach. Through her Hakomi practice, she found that people access the core of their issues much faster through mindfully focusing on their bodies. During this period, she was the Director of the Counseling Center Of Warren Wilson and later opened a privNance Pettit, Acupuncturist L.Ac. M.Ed. Psychologyate practice.

After experiencing profound change from receiving acupuncture herself, she began to refer her therapy clients for Chinese Medicine. They didnít just see some symptoms disappear, they felt stronger and more balanced in their whole lives. Old psychological patterns would melt away with surprising speed. This led Nance to enter a three-year program in Five Element Acupuncture at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia Maryland where she received a Master's in Chinese Medicine and served on the faculty for four years.

She has an acupuncture practice in Asheville, NC and has great success in helping people locate and release the origins of the patterns that keep them unhealthy or unhappy. She is a Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist and a faculty member of Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts. In 2008 she founded of The Art and Heart Of Vibrant Living Program for people to learn skills of clearing the mind, opening the heart and embracing ways of eating and living that support both themselves and the planet.

But the graduate degrees and healing programs of study only describe one dimension of her healing background. For ten years, she served as a white water guide in the Southeast US and Idaho. By living outdoors during these years she learned the healing power of nature through its plants and seasons. Following a white water guiding trip to Nepal, she spent a month in an intensive meditation course for initiate monks in a Thai monastery where she meditated 18- 24 hours day for 30 days. This deeply impacted her understanding of the mind and its many illusions. To learn the secrets of the heart Nance became a student of the mystical tradition of Sufism. She is a graduate of the three year program of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism which is centered on the practice of healing prayer.

Nance is also an accomplished performer and musician with two recorded CD's. Her second, Out Beyond Ideas, recorded with her husband, David Wilcox, draws from the unifying words of Rumi and other ancient mystics from the world's faith traditions, such as Hafiz, Tukaram, HaLevi and St. John of the Cross, to lift the hearts of people everywhere in a powerful call for peace.

"My experience with Nance has been nothing less than extraordinary! She is an incredible healer with a laser beam focus that penetrates your soul. She has amazing intuition. She knows what you are feeling and going through before you even have a chance to speak. She exemplifies an incredible amount of compassion, understanding and love that only comes through a master healer of her caliber. She is really a gift!"  ~M.R.

I wanted to thank you again for really being there for me through these past few months. After working with half a dozen or so practitioners who were either too busy or uninterested or not curious enough to read my 4 page history and 50 pages of lab tests, your authentic compassion really stood out in refreshing contrast. I feel so energized now. More like my 'old' self, only better, wiser and more grateful!  ~L.P.